Artist of a Thousand Tasks

One woman's crazy quest to take on everything and become the ultimate jack-of-all-trades.

First Three Tasks

One of the most important things I have learned about starting something new is that you have to take advantage of motivation when it comes. Getting started is almost always the hardest part, so you have to use a lot of fuel to get over that first hump. So, in the spirit of that principle, I reached out to friends and family for ideas about what to take on first. Based on their feedback, I came up with the following list:

1. Sewing. Not going to lie, I have actually already started trying to learn this over the last week. This task has some significance because I have always, my entire life, SUCKED HORRIBLY at sewing. Ask anyone in my old girl scout’s troupe, home economics classes, etc. Everything I makes looks like the Quasimodo of its kind. Because it is the only thing to really best me so far, I find it incredibly intimidating, making it a logical first choice. I do not know the details of the “end goal” on this one yet. Suggestions would be appreciated.

2. Couponing. Almost every person I asked wanted to read about something to do with healthy eating, cooking, etc. I know some great cooking blogs, and some great “eating well on a budget” blogs. I can’t compete. What I can do is figure out how all those crazy couponing ladies master their craft. I already know one coupon ninja I can tap for information. Again, what exactly the “end goal” is on this one, I am not sure. It will probably involve getting an insane amount of stuff for an insanely low cost.

3. Fitness Competition. I just had a baby, so I knew one of the earliest physical tasks I wanted to complete would involve sexifying my bod. Let’s channel “Knocked Up” for a moment and say I need to erhm… “tighten.” Nothing motivates you like the threat of standing nearly naked in front of people literally judging you. I will be researching some competitions and talking to some fitness experts and get back to you guys on my timeline here.

There are technically two more project slots open, but this seems good for now. I will update on my progress soon. Anyone see a project that appeals to them?

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