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Learn “Go” Day 2: Sensei’s Library

I have been watching my husband play this game for years.  I guess it is time I finally learn the rules. According to my resident Go aficionado, the best resource on the web for beginning Go players is Sensei’s Library.

I found the page very accessible and easy to navigate.  They have a great “starting points” section with pages specifically designed for beginners.  I especially enjoyed reading the fun facts about Go, which including tidbits like:

“Go is simple enough for a 4 year old to learn, but too complex for computers to beat expert players”


My almost-four-year-old has been begging her daddy to teach her.  It is fun to think that some day this could be something our whole family could enjoy doing together.  Also, often the best way to test what you have learned is to teach it to someone else.  Here is a resource they give for teaching children.

“There is a historical story that in the 17th century, the rule of Tibet was once decided over three games of Go”


Excellent.  My husband and I could use a creative way to handle marriage disputes.

“Chess is primarily a left brain game. Go actively stimulates both the right and left sides of the brain.”

Because making statements like that to a bunch of nerds generates threads like this.

Aside from the fun stuff, I actually did get down to business and started learning the basic rules of the game.  I am also paying special attention to the pages that tell you how to study Go, because a several-thousand-year-old game probably has a fairly established teaching methodology.  And I learned from one of my other projects that part of being a beginner is following directions.

I am off to go do some studying so that I can prepare to play my first game against my husband.  Happy reading, everyone!


One comment on “Learn “Go” Day 2: Sensei’s Library

  1. Kiva
    March 10, 2013

    Happy playing! 🙂

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