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Sewing Project Day 4- Farewell to Zebra Print!

I was very, VERY excited to start for my latest sewing project.  It was not a toy, nothing particularly cute, nothing difficult.  In fact, it was one of the most classic beginner’s sewing projects imaginable: the pillow.  None-the-less, I was particularly stoked about it.  Let me tell you why:

Four years ago we were expecting our first child.  The nesting instinct began to take hold of me and my poor husband was bombarded with a list of renovations that were suddenly critical to his crazy pregnant wife.  One of the tasks on the list was a complete re-vamp of the living room.  After scouring several furniture store for the perfect couch, we finally found one that we loved in every way but one:

It came with horrid zebra print accent pillows.

Agh!  My eyes!!!

Agh! My eyes!!!

If you have known my husband and I for more than five minutes, it will be apparent to you that we are not really animal print people.  It takes a monumental amount of “hip” and “sass” to make that kind of tacky permissible and we just do not have it.  Still, this seemed a small set back.  “Couch pillows are easy to replace,” we agreed.

How little we knew then…

Don’t get me wrong, we have tried for the last four years to find replace them.  Every time we try we run into a problem.  There is a small selection of oblong accent pillows, none of them are our aesthetic… mostly though, it was an issue of cost.  How furniture stores get away with charging $30-50 for a pillow is beyond me.  I am not about to pay more to re-outfit the cushions on my couch than I do for a year’s worth of clothing.

So, four years later, during a recent trip to Hobby Lobby for another project, I noticed that home textiles were on sale.  As I walked through the aisle one fabric caught my eye.  It was love at first sight.  It was so so sooooo much better than zebra print.  I got enough fabric to replace the pillows and it cost me a whopping $15.

Last weekend we had another snowstorm, so I spent Saturday finally righting one of the great wrongs in my life.

"I promise to love you forever..." (Picture credit to my four-year-old)

I find it helps to talk to your work (Picture credit to my four-year-old)

Here is a finished pillow:



There were a couple of problems. First, I did not buy quite enough fabric, so the pillows are a little short. I plan to remedy this by making a fifth pillow when I get a chance to go buy a little more fabric. I didn’t really plan ahead for this project, so it’s not too surprising. Second, the seams I used to close the pillow after stuffing are a mess. No one will notice unless they look close. Even with the flaws, this looks much better:



I feel a tremendous amount of accomplishment, even though the project was very easy. I improved our house for a fraction of what it would have cost if I was not able to sew. So far this has proven a very handy skill to have!


4 comments on “Sewing Project Day 4- Farewell to Zebra Print!

  1. Sarah
    March 12, 2013

    Ooo – yay! Good job!

  2. Heather Vickers Gallardo
    March 12, 2013

    Much better, love the print

  3. Kerri
    March 12, 2013

    They look great! The print is wonderful and seems (to me) to be much more your style. 😉

  4. Miranda
    March 16, 2013

    Well done, you! 😀

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