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Midterms with a side of exercise

On top of raising two young children and taking on this blog, I am also a full-time student.  This semester I am taking four online classes.  They are not difficult, but this week is midterms so they are keeping me busy.  In addition, one of my scholarships has some requirements that I need to meet this week.  In short: it is a very busy week and I am finding it difficult to make much progress on my projects.  I do still have some sewing adventures to share with you, but posts for the rest of the week are likely to be short and sweet.  Spring Break is coming and I promise I will make it up to you then.

Even with my busy schedule, I have managed to go to the gym twice this week!  My less-than-reliable scale says I am down another pound or two, and it is about time for all my exercise to start showing on the scale.  Yesterday I was feeling a little under the weather and I thought I might be coming down with the nasty cold my husband and daughter both had last week.  I feel better today (I credit Emergen-C, Zircam, and willpower), so hopefully I will be good to work out again tomorrow.


One comment on “Midterms with a side of exercise

  1. Sarah
    March 14, 2013

    Good luck on your exams, and feel better! I love Emergen-C so much, it’s a big help. You really take on so much, it’s amazing!

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